Heaven on Earth

I am not sure if you have heard of Anita Moorjani. All of her major organs were eaten by cancer and her body completely shut down. She passed and was told that she could return to Earth and share what wonders and knowledge she received while in her alternate state of being. I am not using the word death here because I no longer use the word death. We simply do not die. We just change consciousness from being confined to a physical body into all awareness and wholeness in a Light body form.

After returning to her wasted physical body and completely healing without medical intervention in a matter of weeks, Dr. Wayne Dyer came upon her story and insisted he and she share it. She has continued to write about what she is experiencing and learning since her return. Her latest book is named What if this is Heaven? It resonates on many levels with what science is learning about consciousness itself. Quantum physics now postulates that we are creating our own reality by our conscious thought. It seems that reality itself is experienced totally based on consciousness and belief.

Anita found that she could maintain the state of complete bliss, peace and unconditional love when remembering and believing she was still in the non- physical plane of consciousness. Jesus taught what Anita (among others) who have experienced a NDE discovered – the Kindgdom of Heaven is within us.
Our reality matches our belief on the deepest level. If we actually dare to truly believe Heaven on Earth is possible, then we can enter there in consciousness. We all do it on occasion, when we are caught up in beautiful music, art, religious experience, deep unconditional love and especially overwhelming gratitude, we know this could be Heaven. The key is to stay in those levels of consciousness while living in a world that doesn’t know it’s possible. It can be done. We are doing it. And we are building a place on earth dedicated to allowing people to open that gate and become one with Divinity.
God is in all things present. God, Universe or whatever name you wish to call the Nameless, fills all space and is expressing Life through all things created and uncreated. When we open our belief to see only Perfection (be ye Perfect as your Father is Perfect), then we see a whole other dimension of life as Life.
We have been called to share Life with whomever is meant to be present on our 37 acre farm- House of Light Retreat and Renewal Center near Centralia WA. Forest, meadows, stream, gathering barns, animals, trees, flowers, plants, wildlife, people – whatever God created!
We will be opening areas for camping, building tree houses, a nature chapel, setting up areas for experiencing, playing in God’s beautiful Nature and learning about ways to continue to live in a whole new energetic dimension of living. Nutrition, fitness, Energy shifting, healing and renewal, arts and crafts, interaction with magical alpacas and other sweet (or ornery) animals, services, gatherings over food and wonderful discussions, this is our vision.
House of Light is based in Hawaii, has been a church there since 1974. We live and teach Aloha in all activities and are called to bring this way of healing, loving and living community to Washington at this incredibly blessed and magical farm Center.

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