Join Us and Connect To Your Divine Light


Passion is living in alignment with your true purpose, the fire of your/one’s true calling (which/that) is expressed joyfully.


Love is the ultimate and underlying expression of the one power, one source, one spirit and the motivation of all activity of/at the House of Light, Inc.


Freedom is being free to be your authentic self by courageously following your call and passion.


Abundance is an unlimited source of supply, the natural state of the universe, our true state of being and the manifestation of the invisible to the visible.

Meet the Facilitators

Passionately committed to sharing the light of Love, for our ignitors and most importantly the ignitors to come

Facilitator: Paulina Ellis

Through a Personal  Guidance Session, Paulina brings you to the core of what is preventing you from living your greatness allowing you to clear and free yourself. She offers  powerful Sacred teachings  in lectures. online courses and retreats.

Facilitator: Rea Fox

Rea Fox is a “Spiritual Healing Concierge” and Conscious Dance Leader steeped in numerous healing modalities. A Cards of Destiny System Interpreter for more than 2 decades,  Rea continuously  immerses herself in experiences she can share with others  to assist in a Global Transformation in Love

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