Who We Are
House of Light Inc. (HOLI) is a nondenominational church/spiritual organization, that recognizes and supports the indwelling light in all. We believe in the One Power, One Source, and One Spirit that acts through all, and moves forward through synergistic action. We believe and know that we are all connected and nurture the connections in all things. We aim to connect and share light and love with all, around the world. At House of Light (HOLI), we support the development and recognition of this light, through understanding the connection between the Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. 


We recognize the One Source and One Spirit (God) That Dwells within all life. We are the light of the world. We will recognize, respect and honor the Light, and hold it to be true always, no matter the circumstances surrounding us. 



One Power, One Source, One Spirit.
Our Mission:We aim to recognize the God Power, Source, and Spirit, in each expression of Life by connecting and encouraging the indwelling light in all.



Our Values:
Love: Love is the ultimate and underlying expression of the One Power, One Source, One Spirit and the motivation of all activity at the House of Light, Inc.
Freedom: Freedom is being free to be your authentic self by courageously following your call and passion.
Abundance: Abundance is an unlimited source of supply, the natural state of the universe, our true state of being and the manifestation of the invisible to the visible.
Passion: Passion is living in alignment with your true purpose, the fire of one's true calling that is expressed joyfully.